Chris Bates

Balancing money and ideas
Chris Bates

Knowing What Your Customers Value in Life Can Improve Your Marketing

Think back to your 7-year old self, playing outside on a hot summers day. Suddenly you... Read More

Leap ahead of your competition
Chris Bates

When Competition Awareness Becomes an Obsession

We all have that one competitor we spend too much time thinking about… You imagine their success,... Read More

Maximise your email marketing sales
Chris Bates

5 Email Automation Workflows You Should be Using To Maximise Sales

A few weeks ago, I briefly touched on email automation in my post about building a sales funnel that... Read More

Website marketing funnel
Chris Bates

4 Steps to Building a Sales Funnel that Converts

Having a well-thought Sales Funnel is a necessity. A Sales Funnel is a marketing system that guides... Read More

Dealing with social media comments
Chris Bates

How to respond to Social Media backlash and come out on top.

We’ve all seen the tragic horror stories on social media, both local and abroad, of businesses... Read More

Google search guidelines
Chris Bates

At last… We know more about Google’s Search Quality Guidelines!

Google is notoriously tight-lipped about their processes and algorithms, but earlier in November, Google’s October version... Read More

what does seo really cost
Chris Bates

What to be wary of when offered an “SEO Guarantee”

Let me tell you a story… One month into an SEO campaign for a new client,... Read More

know a little bit about digital marketing
Chris Bates

Know a ‘little bit’ about Digital Marketing? You NEED to read this.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that there are a lot of things in the... Read More

the one behaviour every business should avoid
Chris Bates

The ONE behaviour every business should avoid and 5 ways to fix it.

There’s a plague-like behaviour among many small business owners that results in business going downhill, fast.... Read More

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