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20_ways_imageTop 21 mistakes to check for on your website

What’s inside…

When you look at your website objectively, do you see something that makes you want to do business with your brand? Does it appeal to you more than it does other businesses that offer what you need?

Perhaps you’re just confused about why your website isn’t performing that well? Before you throw even more money at it though, take time to stop and learn what has gone wrong so you can fix it. Fix it good!

This eBook will cover 21 common mistakes across:

  • Design, usability, colour and animation
  • Text, content, pop-ups, video and sound
  • Navigation, Call to Action (CTA’s) and landing pages
  • Social, blogs, search engines and analytics.

Read this eBook to learn the top 21 common mistakes to check for on your website and start improving your site now.

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