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Grant Bond
Grant B.
For many years my business ranked #2 in organic search. I tried many different avenues to get to #1 but nothing worked. I recently employed Joel & his team to build a new website which they did an awesome job. Very impressed. As an added bonus within several weeks of launching my new website my business now ranks #1. You rock, thank you so much. If you want the best I highly recommend Skyrocket marketing.
Jane France
Jane F.
Professional service, innovative approach, lovely people!
Miriam Henke
Miriam H.
The team from Skyrocket Marketing are great - very customer-focused and their work is of high quality. They've assisted me on a number of projects and each time I'm impressed with their professionalism, results and friendliness. Highly recommended!
Clint Nelson
Clint N.
Joel's support and explanations were outstanding. I'd highly recommend Skyrocket Marketing's services.
Charlestons Fine Art
Charlestons Fine A.
I have used a few web developers over the years but now that I have found these guys I won’t need to use anyone else. Very reliable and quick to respond to any of my requests. Nothing is too much trouble and they have a can do attitude to everything. Great people to work with. I highly recommend them.
James Moore
James M.
Joel and the team are Marketing ninjas! They are super generous with their time and really know their stuff. If you want a Marketing team that can overdeliver, they are your peeps!
Precision Locksmiths
Precision L.
The team at Skyrocket are very helpful and professional. They have worked with us for several years now, and I have been very happy with the results achieved. I like that they are based in Australia. I am impressed with their honesty, integrity, communication and very quick response times in addressing any queries, concerns, requests, etc. As Locksmiths, we operate in a highly competitive service industry. Skyrocket has achieved and maintained high ranking positions for our various areas, which really is an extraordinary result. Also important is the style, content and message delivered in our Website. Skyrocket worked closely with us to design our site, and I was very pleased with the results. It was a priority to me that our Website conveyed honesty and integrity, as we issue keys to people's homes and businesses. The team at Skyrocket have always been helpful with recommendations to achieve this. Highly recommend their service.
Kieran Dixon
Kieran D.
Joel is incredibly knowledgeable on all things web design/development and digital marketing. The Skyrocket Marketing team make complex concepts simple and add value from day one.
Daniel Sih
Daniel S.
I've worked with Skyrocket Marketing for a number of years, and cannot recommend them more highly. Joel is professional, responsive, easy to communicate with and delivers exceptional service.We don't live in Sydney and yet the distance has been no barrier whatsoever in working with this company. We consider Joel and Skyrocket to be an essential part of our Spacemakers team.

eCommerce Marketing out of Shellharbour NSW

Our team has worked with Online Store owners locally and around Australia since 2007. We can help improve your store, create a new store and grow your sales!

Website enhancement

Website Improver

Expert review of your website and implementation of quick fixes to get your website performing at its best!

Website creation

Website Creation

Get a new eCommerce website built, based on best practice patterns customised to your business.

Digital Marketing Support

Digital Marketing Support

Get help navigating the online marketing world with support from people that have been there before.

We're here to help

Skyrocket Marketing isn’t your agency, we’re your team.

The topics we deal with can be quite daunting to attack; so we’ve answered some common questions below. Feel free to reach out and ask us a question.

Digital marketing is connecting your business, with your customers, over digital channels. This means websites, search engines, email and social media.

The aim of any marketing is to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time for them to take the action you want.

With digital marketing you are leveraging data – your own and from others, like Facebook – to do this more effectively.

You then have the power to track what happens so that you can clearly see the result of your actions, then make more informed decisions on how to improve for the future.

You might have heard of some of the areas of digital marketing before such as:

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of understanding what your customers are searching for and then optimising your website to show on search results pages for those keywords.

Paid ads is when you have paid to place a message in front of your customer online. This could be on Google using Google Ads, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or various other websites.

Content marketing is the process of producing helpful content for your customers. Content should cover all areas of your buyers journey from discovery to consideration and finally conversion.

Email marketing is communicating to people where they spend a lot of their time – in their inbox. You might be telling your brand story to new subscribers, advertising your latest products or recommending other products of yours that a customer might also like based on their purchasing history.

Digital marketing is a broad topic and we’ve just touched on a few of the key areas. Ultimately each eCommerce business is unique and needs to adopt some kind of digital marketing if they intend to thrive into the future.

The eCommerce industry is expanding at a rapid pace. In Australia, it’s expected to be A$33.3 billion in 2020.

And in 2020, it is easier than ever to create a new eCommerce business.

If you want your business to thrive, you need to work out how you can get your products in front of the right people – consistently.

This is where you need digital marketing or you’ll be left behind.

There are 4 main drivers to increase revenue for your online store:

Drive more traffic. It’s just a numbers game. No traffic, no sales. More traffic more sales. Only a percentage of your visitors will convert to a sale. This doesn’t mean that you should be just driving traffic blindly, you also need to consider how you can drive more relevant traffic which means that they are more likely to buy.

Convert more traffic into customers. Only a percentage of visitors will convert into a sale. So how do you increase that number? You make sure that your pricing is appealing, product photos are clear and helpful and your product content is descriptive. Further to that there are a bunch of tactics you can leverage like free shipping, multiple payment gateways and much more to move the needle.

Increase your average order size. Bigger orders means more revenue, but it also means that you can pay a bit more with your advertising, potentially edging out your competition. Thoughtful up-sells and cross-sells, paired with free shipping thresholds are a simple way to encourage higher cart values.

Increase repeat purchases. Having great products, building your brand and telling your story early and effectively is key to solidifying your place in your customers mind. With increasing competition it’s more important than ever to clearly articulate what you’re about and why you’re different to get that visitor to return and buy again.

With eCommerce, like anything online, you have the ability to track all these numbers to make sure any activity you do is moving you in the right direction.

Not sure if you’re tracking this data correctly? Let us check.

Joel & Jade Warren
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