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8 eCommerce Changes to Drive Your Sales

Over the years in working with clients to build their websites and eCommerce sites, I’ve noticed that many people continue to be overwhelmed with the amount of technical information... Read More

Retargeting & remarketing
Elina Peedoson

Retargeting, remarketing, and why you should be doing it

Not so long ago, we published a post about popups, which we said can be used, among other things, to prevent cart abandonment, by setting a popup to appear... Read More

pop up tools, pop up plugins
Elina Peedoson

The Best Pop Up Tools to Use to Grow Your Email List or Close a Sale

In case you hadn’t already noticed, pop ups have made a comeback. Yep, just like stovepipe jeans were reimagined as skinny jeans, so too has the pop up. They’ve... Read More

Popups that engage customers
Elina Peedoson

How to Use Pop Ups to Get Your Customers to Do What You Want Them to Do

I know what you’re thinking: No one likes pop ups. And you’re right. But that’s mostly because they’re so inextricably linked with sites from the early days of the... Read More

Balancing money and ideas
Chris Bates

Knowing What Your Customers Value in Life Can Improve Your Marketing

Think back to your 7-year old self, playing outside on a hot summers day. Suddenly you hear the ding-ding-ding of an ice cream van rolling down the street… ICE... Read More

Leap ahead of your competition
Chris Bates

When Competition Awareness Becomes an Obsession

We all have that one competitor we spend too much time thinking about… You imagine their success, sitting back on Friday afternoons sipping champagne after another record week. You hawk-eye... Read More

Maximise your email marketing sales
Chris Bates

5 Email Automation Workflows You Should be Using To Maximise Sales

A few weeks ago, I briefly touched on email automation in my post about building a sales funnel that converts. But for those of you that are still in the stages of... Read More

Website audit service
Monique Clark

The 9 Metrics You Need To Measure For Success

Metrics That Matter for Growth And Revenue When I first started out in marketing, one of the tasks I was appointed by my manager was to be ‘the report... Read More

Website marketing funnel
Chris Bates

4 Steps to Building a Sales Funnel that Converts

Having a well-thought Sales Funnel is a necessity. A Sales Funnel is a marketing system that guides a potential customer or lead through a systematic sales process involving a number of... Read More

inbound marketing 2016
Monique Clark

Inbound Marketing 2016: What it is, and why you need it [infographic]

How inbound marketing can save you money and yield long-term results ‘Inbound Marketing’ may sound like one of those fluffy buzz words you hear a lot of marketers talk... Read More

Successful remote teams
Elina Peedoson

The Making of a Successful Remote Team

Communication is everything. At Skyrocket Marketing, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it means to communicate effectively. Our entire team is remote – meaning we don’t commute... Read More

Buyer personas
Monique Clark

Multiply your Marketing Results with Highly Targeted Buyer Personas

Let me introduce you to one little step you missed in your marketing plan that will change everything. You’ve no doubt tried all sorts of different marketing tactics –... Read More

Productivity apps
Monique Clark

9 Killer Productivity Apps for 2016 [tested]

The more technology evolves, the more work needs to be done. Or does it? Managing social media, posting content on websites and blogs, monitoring forums and review sites, updating directories... Read More

Dealing with social media comments
Chris Bates

How to respond to Social Media backlash and come out on top.

We’ve all seen the tragic horror stories on social media, both local and abroad, of businesses facing the wrath of angry consumers. A tirade of negative (and sometimes abusive) comments... Read More

Google search guidelines
Chris Bates

At last… We know more about Google’s Search Quality Guidelines!

Google is notoriously tight-lipped about their processes and algorithms, but earlier in November, Google’s October version of their previously secret Search Quality Rating Guidelines were leaked. This lead to... Read More

what does seo really cost
Chris Bates

What to be wary of when offered an “SEO Guarantee”

Let me tell you a story… One month into an SEO campaign for a new client, he empathically called me to say he was taking up an offer of... Read More

know a little bit about digital marketing
Chris Bates

Know a ‘little bit’ about Digital Marketing? You NEED to read this.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that there are a lot of things in the world that you (and I) don’t understand. We hire accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists, mechanics... Read More

how to combat procrastination
Elina Peedoson

How to combat procrastination and get things done!

Everybody procrastinates at some point in their life, most people do it on a daily basis… some of you are doing it right now, you’re reading this post when... Read More

the one behaviour every business should avoid
Chris Bates

The ONE behaviour every business should avoid and 5 ways to fix it.

There’s a plague-like behaviour among many small business owners that results in business going downhill, fast. It’s the demon that causes companies who’ve traded for decades to collapse, seemingly... Read More

The Single Best Way to Increase Your Sites Conversion Rate
Monique Clark

The single best way to increase your site’s conversion rate

Have you ever clicked on some advertising (whether it’s on Google, Facebook, YouTube, wherever) only to click back in your browser shortly after? You probably did it without any... Read More

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